Our vision is to glorify God by connecting the gospel to kids, kids to community, and the kid community to mission.

We do this by training children to serve in the mission of making disciples who make disciples.

We offer the Trademark Kid’s ministry to babies and children up to 3rd Grade. Children in 4th grade or above are encouraged to sit with their parents in the main gathering. We believe this is an appropriate age to begin worshiping, learning, and developing a love and commitment to the local church.

Trademark Kids is more of a family than a program. Our focus is to join parents in the discipleship process of their children. Our desire is to create an atmosphere of community that exposes our children to the mission of God in our world. The components below help us to accomplish the mission and vision of the Trademark Kid’s ministry.

Our Atmosphere:   Trademark Kids is a place where children are loved.

Our Security : We use the platform- Kidcheck – for our check-in and check-out process. This helps us maintain a level of security for the children and parents that reflects our love and care for them. We also have a strict diaper changing/ bathroom policy that we follow for the safety of all children. We ask that all volunteers and parents work together to keep our kids safe.

Our Curriculum: Gospel centered, age appropriate, but not all inclusive. We believe that children learn best in story form, therefore we use many different formats to help connect the story of God to the children we have the privilege of ministering to. For us it is more than just teaching a story or a lesson, it’s about serving the parents and kids by faithfully connecting the heart of God to the heart of the children we teach.

 Classroom division: (Siblings sometimes overlap age groups and can go up or down if necessary.)

  • Babies and toddlers

  • Preschool/Kindergarten – 3rd grade

 Games and Crafts – We strive to use age appropriate crafts and games to help the kids have fun while learning. In the same way that families have fun together and work together… we hope and pray that our games and crafts will reflect a family atmosphere of communal learning.

 Snacks- Families eat together, so why wouldn’t we? We use the snack time as a chance to model what a “little family” dinner might look like. We might just be eating crackers and juice… but it’s still important. If your children have any allergies please let us know at check in.

How to Connect: To join the Trademark Kids team and begin serving, please email tmboise@gmail.com (Subject Line: Trademark Kids) for more info.